A few metres from my place

20190614_095326I go for a walk every morning usually takes about 50 minutes and for the last 20 years or so I have been told of a fresh water crocodile in the area – never having seen one I wasn’t convinced. Then out of the blue I walk past this and took a picture (we live along the river bank).

Both the croc and the turtles seem to get on really well and sit alongside each other without any apparent problems. Now I have seen him, he sits in the same spot almost every day and has become a local celebrity.

Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia

We just came home from a week on Lord Howe Island located about 750km from the NSW coast out into the Pacific Ocean.

A beautiful island which has a dark night sky (low light pollution) for those people interested in night sky photography. We had a good time on Lord Howe Island – the two night shots are of the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way taken at about 10pm in the evening, on two different evenings, when the GC had just moved above the horizon. If you look at the face of the cliff, just in front of Mount Gower, you will see the outline of a ‘Cross’ – interesting feature of the cliff face.


Marooned – Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia

Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia


Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia


Galactic Center of the Milky Way – Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia


Galactic Center of Milky Way – Lord Howe Island




Mediterranean Cruise – 2017

On the 13th June 2017, after a very long Etihad flight from Townsville, Queensland via Brisbane, Abu Dhabi and Rome – we arrived at our final destination in Barcelona, Spain. A few days later, on Friday the 16th of June we joined a 24day cruise on the Westerdam (HAL) around the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas ending in Venice, Italy. After leaving Venice we travelled back to Australia via Abu Dhabi, Brisbane and back to Townsville.

Progressively, over the next few weeks I will be posting more images of the trip. We hope you like the photographs and please feel free to comment or ask any questions if inclined. Please check back periodically for more photos.

Friendly Old Man Koper Slovenia

Alicante, Spain







Yosemite National Park – California

On our way home from New York we stayed in San Francisco and picked up a hire car the next day for a 5 hour drive to the Yosemite Valley and Yosemite National Park (passing through the Stanislaus National Forest). In Yosemite National Park we had booked 3 nights at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls – we probably didn’t need the third night except that one of the days turned really cold and wet, so as luck would have it the extra day allowed us to make up for the day we couldn’t do so much due to the weather. So 2 full days is plenty of time to see the sights – unless you plan to go camping, hiking and mountain climbing, etc.

The area is beautiful and scenic but if I were to rate it against other National Parks we have visited – such as Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Mountains National Parks, I would put Yosemite just behind them for preference when it comes to ‘Must Do’s’. This is in no way meant to turn people off going to visit because everything is great when talking ‘National Parks’ and they are all worth visiting but they are just very different. Yosemite definitely suits the outdoors types that likes to rock climb and scale mountains.

The scenic drive takes just under an hour in a loop which is one way for a good part of the drive – so if you miss your turn off you will find yourself driving for another hour to correct the mistake. But hey it is pretty country and we drove past the same spot a few times.

Be aware that you are at 6,000 feet or thereabouts at times and this can make for some very cool weather depending on the time of year you go – we were there in the Autumn (Fall).

Again, we hope you like the photos – we had fun taking them…..

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New York City in Autumn (Fall)

After about 20 hours of flying from our home in Queensland to New York City (stopping in LA overnight to regain some bodily functions), we finally arrived at JFK International.

New York has changed in many ways since our last visit and probably the most noticeable change was the technology being used in Times Square – looking a little like Las Vegas with all the huge video screens and lights. Of course some of the other changes are the 9/11 memorial and the new, just opened, One World Trade Centre which is a fabulous building to visit (I won’t spoil it for you but make sure your video is switched on ready to go when you get in the lift going up and also going down – an experience worth filming).

Times Square is still buzzing as it always has but at night it takes on an atmosphere not unlike daylight with all the illumination created by the huge advertising screens.

We returned to New York after some years on this visit to see our son now living in Brooklyn and enjoy (or try to survive) the famous ‘deli’ sandwiches of New York. I had at least 10 different Reuben Sandwiches and have to confess that I am hooked. We tried them everywhere – including the famous Katz’s Deli where Meg Ryan made orgasms over food famous. I would like to especially mention also the Brooklyn Diner on Times Square where we ate a couple of times and was not disappointed – if you like hot dogs, try their ’15 bite’ hot dog or maybe try the Turkey Reuben.  Enough talk about all this food – I’m getting indigestion just reminiscing and I haven’t even mentioned the ‘All you can eat’ crabs and lobster rolls we had with nice chilled beer – enough already!

The weather was kind and with a real chill at times but the chill was welcome because leaves won’t turn unless there is a chill and one of my priorities on this trip to was see Central Park in the fall. It didn’t disappoint.

Most of the usual things tourists do in New York have already been done before on our earlier trip but can anyone pass the Statue of Liberty and not take a photo? Especially when I was lucky enough to pass it on sunset crossing to Staten Island on the ferry.

Meeting some of the local New Yorkers made the trip special – whether it was a lady’s bare backside with the letters NY painted on them or locals playing chess in Union Square or the local fisherman at Coney Island we met – it added the ingredient to the trip that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

We hope you enjoy some of what we experienced in the photos below……







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USA Part 4

Canada and Alaska 2015

It has been a little while since my last post but the wait might have been worth it. We have just returned from our second trip travelling through Canada and Alaska by bus, train and ship.

The trip started in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and ended in Vancouver, British Columbia 21 days later. First leg was a ferry crossing from Victoria Island to Vancouver – then from Vancouver by bus to Banff and from Banff back to Vancouver travelling on the Rocky Mountaineer over a 2 day period (stopping overnight in Kamloops). Once back in Vancouver we boarded the Noordam (Holland America Line) and cruised the inside Passage to Alaska stopping at Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan (visiting Glacier Bay on our way).

Photos that follow show part of the journey and some of the beauty of this trip – the photos do not convey the pure excitement and thrill of the trip and the awesome sights we experienced first hand but they do give you a taste of what is there. The only way to know is to go….

Lake Louise

Canadian Rocky Mountains


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