Greece – Our first blog


We have just been concentrating on getting this website up and running with a few photos to kick things off. This is our first blog. Please visit our photo libraries and leave your comments if you wish.

We would be interested in hearing comments from people that have traveled recently and some of their thoughts.

For example: thinking of traveling with Trafalgar Tours to Greece and cruising the Greek Islands using Louis Cruises? Be aware that when we traveled there recently (we were really looking forward to seeing Santorini the last island stop of the Greek cruise), the stop on the island lasted for 1 hour – we were told we would be picked up in 60mins to go back to the ship. This would not have been so bad if it had not been for the fact that the sun was setting (being the biggest photographic draw-card of Santorini – a real highlight of the visit) and we were taken away well before we had time to get any decent photos of the sun setting. Greek islands are famous for their brilliant sunsets.

Our suggestion: don’t do a Greek Cruise through Trafalgar and Louis Cruises (the cruise line) without asking about this and my suspicion is that they will not give you any real assurance that this won’t happen to you too. After the time it takes to get to the island and the long drive on a bus, once on the island, to be allowed so little time is simply not good enough.

We enjoyed the holiday and the people we met on the trip.  So, overall, the holiday was great and for the most part very enjoyable. As far as ‘guided’ tours go – we like the company of other people and the fun of a big group of people all there for a good time but still like to do our own thing sometimes away from tours. We usually mix it up for variety. Both options have their attractions for us.

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Now just for a bit of fun…. how about a Poll?

We had our first ‘pick pocket’ experience after years of overseas travel. It happened in Prague – Czech Republic.

Their ‘technique’ is to run fast at the victim from behind, bumping into them and knocking them off balance. Whilst, the victim is recovering from the heavy knock the pick pocket strikes and keeps running away. Often they work in groups or pairs and pick their targets well ahead of time. A recent TV documentary on Gypsy ‘pick pockets’ and criminal activity throughout Europe was a real eye opener and showcased exactly what was done to us. Fortunately, they only stole a bag that contained a Prague tourist Post-Card! Glad it was nothing more.

For more photos from around the world click on the photo library links at top of page…..

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