UAE – Dubai

Because travel from Australia to anywhere overseas is a bit of a hike (long way from anyone except New Zealand and parts of Papua New Guinea), we find ourselves stopping on our way to our intended distant destinations. Often our stopovers end up being a second holiday in places like Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Auckland, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Hawaii and recently Dubai.

Dubai gives the impression that you must have left earth and traveled to some other planet. It is home to the tallest building in the world (want to be mind boggled? – stand at its base), the largest shopping mall in the world and the largest dancing (musical) fountain in the world – bigger than Las Vegas. Plus many other astonishing feats of construction – do you remember the man-made world of islands?

If you go to Dubai at the wrong time of the year it is bloomin hot and if you go when it is cooler it is still bloomin hot but a little more bearable – guess when we went? Luckily, everything is air-conditioned, including the bus shelters – how cool is that? (sorry – air conditioned – cool)

Anyway, if you can visit Dubai do it! I want to see Abu Dhabi next time as everyone tells me that they are in stiff competition with Dubai and if that is the case it must be an amazing place too.

I like to keep the verbiage to a minimum and let the photos do the talking…. Hope you enjoy.

The guy on the far right insisted on wearing my hat. If you go to Dubai remember to take a wide brim hat for the sun – it is essential. I did get my hat back.


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2 thoughts on “UAE – Dubai

  1. Thanks for visiting again and for liking the other posts too. When great distances are involved we find it too hard not to stop over for a couple of days each way – we see more each time because of it.

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