Scandinavia is a collection of Northern European countries that has a cultural-linguistic link that goes back centuries. It is characterized by a common ethno-cultural heritage and related languages. We visited these countries as part of a cruise through the Baltic sea and a tour of Norway’s many islands.

Traveling on the Flam railway was a great part of the trip. A slow 20.2-kilometer long rail line between Myrdal and Flam in Aurland, Norway which is relatively short but very scenic. The valleys, waterfalls and small towns visited along the track are picturesque. For those that want a longer and more spectacular train ride, you would probably prefer a train trip like the Banff to Vancouver train trip on the Rocky Mountaineer (glass roofed) but for a quaint slow train trip to remember the Flam train is worth taking.

The sense of being in a culture that has it’s roots in the Viking age is everywhere. The Scandinavian experience, the sights, sounds, and smells (fish markets predominantly) was second to none and we will long remember the unusual sites we saw – for example, grass growing on the roofs of some houses for insulation purposes, the ancient towns such as Bergen in Norway and the Fjords and islands that dominate the region.

Go – do the Baltic Cruise followed by a tour of Norway – you will never regret it!

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