Yosemite National Park – California

On our way home from New York we stayed in San Francisco and picked up a hire car the next day for a 5 hour drive to the Yosemite Valley and Yosemite National Park (passing through the Stanislaus National Forest). In Yosemite National Park we had booked 3 nights at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls – we probably didn’t need the third night except that one of the days turned really cold and wet, so as luck would have it the extra day allowed us to make up for the day we couldn’t do so much due to the weather. So 2 full days is plenty of time to see the sights – unless you plan to go camping, hiking and mountain climbing, etc.

The area is beautiful and scenic but if I were to rate it against other National Parks we have visited – such as Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Mountains National Parks, I would put Yosemite just behind them for preference when it comes to ‘Must Do’s’. This is in no way meant to turn people off going to visit because everything is great when talking ‘National Parks’ and they are all worth visiting but they are just very different. Yosemite definitely suits the outdoors types that likes to rock climb and scale mountains.

The scenic drive takes just under an hour in a loop which is one way for a good part of the drive – so if you miss your turn off you will find yourself driving for another hour to correct the mistake. But hey it is pretty country and we drove past the same spot a few times.

Be aware that you are at 6,000 feet or thereabouts at times and this can make for some very cool weather depending on the time of year you go – we were there in the Autumn (Fall).

Again, we hope you like the photos – we had fun taking them…..

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