Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland & Belgium











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6 thoughts on “Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland & Belgium

    • Hi John, this is my third attempt to reply to you. If you get 3 replies then it is my fault. Thank you for your comments and liking my photos.
      I do not like the .jpg in camera processing of my ‘special’ shots and I tend to use RAW – this gives you greater control over the post processing and controlling colour saturation and contrast. For everyday photos ‘family snaps’ I use .jpg but not other types of photos.

      I really liked the Goodland school photo with the 10 kids and a ball. It reminds me of old rural Australian photos I have seen.
      We visited Texas and went to San Antonio (the Alamo of course) and really enjoyed avoiding the ‘long horn’ traffic (ha ha).

      I have many more photos to put up yet – just takes time.


  1. Stonewall: i’m not much of a photographer, but I love to see what I can do with a photo. The photo you are talking about was taken either in the thirties or forties. I just took a picture of the old picture and adjusted as best I could to make it legible. I have no formal training in photography, but would like to take some classes sometime. I always wanted to go to Australia but never got the chance to travel. I retired farming Wildflowers for seed about four years ago. I took up the photography just before I retired just to save the memories of the fields in bloom. Now I just shoot anything that will hold still long enough to get my camera out. Mostly wildlife and Wildflowers of the area. Wrote a book on this area about Wildflowers and their usage that is being being put on DVD with voice over on the reading part. Hope to have it released soon.
    John Tucker

    • Hi John – just out of curiosity, how many replies did you get from me?
      I am not a professional photographer – just very keen. The ‘stable’ name of Stonewall Galleries was used because some people wanted to buy my photos (I gave them to them and didn’t sell them) and wanted to get them enlarged and framed. A professional gallery print they can cost upwards of $800 here. But by formatting the way I do them my friends can get a ‘gallery’ print framed for a fraction of the cost (they still have to pay for the printing and the type of frame that they want). Thanks again good luck with the DVD,

  2. Lee: I’m not a very experienced blogger, but best I can tell all I received was one message. I have never sold any pictures either, but have made several hundred cards that my wife likes to write and people seem to like them. So far I have just done this to share with the world about my area. Most people think it is a dessert. Just needs more rain most of the time. Thanks for the tip on using raw instead of jpeg. I learn something everyday.

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